Our solutions for your cyber security protection


Penetration testing
A penetration test is a simulation of a cyber attack. It’s goal is to evaluate the security of a system by conducting a series of targeted tests against software, networks and infrastructures in the same way an attacker would.

Vulnerability assessment
A Vulnerability assestment is aimed to identify as many vulnerabilities as possible in a system and give them a rank. This is usually the first step to make an infrastructure safe and it’s conducted by series of unobtrusive tests.

Code auditing
A code auditing, or code review, is an essential part of the vulnerability discover process. It is performed by analyzing software source code to find bugs, misuse of functions and bad practices that can lead to security vulnerabilities.

System monitoring
The monitoring of the systems is an important part of the security process. It is one of the keys to keep the systems secure through time.

Training and consulting
Inform and train people about security best practice is essential to achieve a secure environment. Today many security flaws comes from human error

After security flaws have been discovered



Below are web application vulnerability scanning tools.

Commercial Tools:
Tool Name Owner
Acunetix WVS Acunetix
AppScan IBM
App Scanner Trustwave
Appspider Rapid7
Ammonite RyscCorp
AVDS Beyond Security
BlueClosure BC Detect BlueClosure
Burp Suite PortSwiger
Contrast Contrast Security
GamaScan GamaSec
Ikare ITrust
Indusface Indusface
N-Stalker N-Stalker
N-Stealth N-Stalker
Netsparker Netsparker
Nexpose Rapid7
ParosPro MileSCAN
Proxy.app Websecurify
QualysGuard Qualys
Retina BeyondTrust
Sentinel WhiteHat Security
Syhunt Syhunt
SOATest Parasoft
Tinfoil Security Tinfoil Security
Trustkeeper Scanner Trustwave
WebApp360 TripWire
WebInspect HP
WebReaver Websecurify
Free/Open Source Tools:
Tool Name Owner
Andiparos Compass Security AG
aidSQL Lynxec
Arachni Tasos Laskos
crawlfish ericfish
Damn Small SQLi Scanner (DSSS) Miroslav Stampar
DirBuster OWASP
Gamja Sanghun Jeon
Grabber Romain Gaucher
Grendel-Scan David Byrne
IronWASP Lavakumar Kuppan
LoverBoy Ashaman Boyd
Mini MySqlat0r SCRT Information Security
Oedipus Jordan Del Grande
OWASP Zed Attack Proxy(ZAP) OWASP
OWASP Xenotix XSS Exploit Framework OWASP
Paros Proxy MileSCAN
Powerfuzzer Michal Zalewski
ProxyStrike Edge Security
Ratproxy Michal Zalewski
ScreamingCSS David de Vitry
SecuBat Stefan Kals
Skipfish Michal Zalewski,Niels Heinen,Sebastian Roschke
SQLMap Bernardo Damele A. G, Miroslav Stampar
Vega Subgraph
W3af Andres Riancho
Wapiti Nicolas Surribas
WATABO Siberas
Watcher Casaba Security
WebScarab OWASP
Wfuzz Xavi Mendez
WSTool Kim Young-il
Wikto SensePost
X5S Casaba Security
XSSer psy
XSSploit SCRT Information Security
XSSS Sven Neuhaus